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Name: Robert Trebar
Position: Dean of the School of Business; Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 440.375.7115


Q1: Please provide your name and some contact information for us.

Name: Robert J. Trebar
Current title: Dean, School of Business; Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Campus Address: College Hall #306
Email Address:
Office Phone Number: 440.375.7115

Q2: Please provide us with your educational background.

St. Joseph High School, Cleveland, Ohio
BA Economics, Humanities, John Carroll University, Ohio
MBA, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
PhD (in progress, ABD), Higher Education Policy & Administration, University of Toledo, Ohio

Q3: Describe your area(s) of research.

Entrepreneurial behavior theory, healthcare business strategy, regional economic development.

Q4: Tell us when you joined the faculty at Lake Erie College.


Q5: How and why did you get into teaching?

I was teaching part-time as a business professional. I enjoyed challenging the assumptions of students and, even more so, having them challenge mine. At mid-life, I redirected myself to academic life full-time, and it has been a very rewarding experience to have the opportunity to encourage young people to question accepted views on all types of matters.

Q6: Why did you choose to teach at Lake Erie College?

The small, intimate atmosphere seemed to be a place where caring relationships might grow.

Q7: Please give an example of a real-world application of the courses you teach.

Research has shown that most organizational "strategic plans” are an utter waste of time. We explore how to replace "happy talk” with real choices that matter.

Q8: Why do you love your discipline that you teach?

I primarily teach Business Strategy. I love it because we can go beyond mere "problem-solving” and get into the much more valuable task of "problem-finding.”

Q9: What has been your proudest moment as a professor at Lake Erie College?

I teach a freshman humanities course called "The Pursuit of Happiness.” I get the chance to help students systematically probe what happiness is and how people experience it. What could be better than that?

Q10: What one to two life skills do you try to teach your students?

1. Floss daily
2. Be kind
3. Buy low, sell high

Q11: What one concept would you like every student to know and understand? 

Life is short. Don’t let someone else define success for you.

Q12: How do you interact with students outside of class?

I really enjoyed being with them for the activities and adventures sponsored by the Learning Community.  We were able to put our respective roles aside for a time.


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