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Name: Dr. Stephen A. Yachanin
Position: Professor of Psychology
Phone: 440.375.7181


Q1: Please provide your name and some contact information for us.

Name: Stephen Yachanin
Current title: Professor of Psychology
Campus Address: CH224
Email Address:
Office Phone Number: 440.375.7181

Q2: Please provide us with your educational background.

H.S. - West Technical High School, Cleveland, Ohio
B.A. – Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio
M.A. – Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Ph.D. – Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Q3: Describe your area(s) of research.

Reasoning and decision making

Q4: Tell us when you joined the faculty at Lake Erie College.

Fall 1982

Q5: How and why did you get into teaching?

I had the opportunity to give a guest lecture to an introductory psychology class as a senior in college. I love the interaction and knew that I wanted to be a college professor at that moment.

Q6: Why did you choose to teach at Lake Erie College?

I was looking for a small, liberal arts college where my primary focus would be on teaching. LEC had the added benefit that it was near my hometown of Cleveland.

Q7: Please give an example of a real-world application of the courses you teach.

I try to provide real-world examples and applications for every concept I teach, so there are many. One example would be the use of "elaborative rehearsal.” That is a technique to help improve memory by making connections between the new materials one is trying to remember with knowledge that one already has. It’s much more effective that trying to remember the material by repeating it over and over and it takes much less time.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment as a professor at Lake Erie College?

When I was honored by our students with the "Excellence in Teaching” award.

Q9: What one concept would you like every student to know and understand? 



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