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Name: Ray Wawrowski
Position: Clinical Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Program
Phone: 440.375.7168


Q1: Please provide your name and some contact information for us.

Name: Raymond Wawrowski
Current title: Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Program
Campus Address: College Hall 321
Email Address:
Office Phone Number: 440.375.7168

Q2: Please provide us with your educational background.

Mentor High School, Mentor, Ohio
AS-Physician Assistant, Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio
Master’s Physician Assistant Studies, Arizona School of Health Science
Doctor Health Science, Nova Southeastern University 

Q3: Describe your area(s) of research.

I have multiple areas of research. Probably the most interesting to me were topics relating to medical ethics.

Q4: Tell us when you joined the faculty at Lake Erie College.

October of 2012

Q5: How and why did you get into teaching?

I have always been a teacher one way or another. I have a long history of emergency medicine. I have taught many paramedic and physician assistant students in the past along with providing patient education in clinical practice. It was a logical step to make the change.

Q6: Why did you choose to teach at Lake Erie College?

Had the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a new and dynamic program at LEC. Additionally, it was a home coming of sorts. I started my EMS career in Fairport Harbor as a firefighter/EMT. I was always aware of LEC and some of its history, but never imagined I would have the opportunity to work here.

Q7: Please give an example of a real-world application of the courses you teach.

The courses we teach are still in development. However, we are teaching the science of being a physician assistant. My specific area is instruction of physical exam techniques. The real world application is the ability to perform physical examinations of patients in a myriad of medical settings.

Q8: Why do you love your discipline that you teach?

I love what I do because I really enjoy the interaction and dialogue with patients and families. In my view, it is quite gratifying to have a patient put their trust in your hands regarding their medical concerns. I hope to instill the gravity of this trust in my students.

Q9: What has been your proudest moment as a professor at Lake Erie College?

So far, the proudest moment at LEC has been being part of a strong, goal-oriented team in developing the Physician Assistant Program for LEC.

Q10: What one to two life skills do you try to teach your students?

1. Honesty
2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Q11: What one concept would you like every student to know and understand? 

Treat others as you want to be treated. To me it is so important in everyday life, yet more so in clinical medicine.

Q12: How do you interact with students outside of class?

Everyone in my eyes we are equal. I just have knowledge and experiences that are different from another person. My job is to impart that knowledge to the best of my ability in a respectful and supportive manner.


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