Academic Calendar

Spring 2021 Calendar

Spring Semester Billing Due December 1 (T)

Martin Luther King Day (no classes) January 18 (M)

First Day of Classes January 19 (T)

Add/Drop period ends January 25 (M)

President’s Day (no classes) February 15 (M)

Last Day “W” from 1st 7-week course February 19 (F)

Last Day of 1st 7-week courses March 5 (F)

Second 7-week courses begin March 8 (M)

1st 7-week Grades Due March 10 (W), 8:00 am

Midterm Grades Due March 12 (F), 8:00 am

Tracy Dickinson Day (no classes) March 23 (T)

Last Day to “W” March 29 (M)

Fall ‘21 Registration Begins March 29 (M)

Spring Holiday (no classes) April 2 (F)

Last Day “W” from 2nd 7-week course April 12 (M)

Last Day of Classes April 23 (F)

Last Day of 2nd 7-week course April 23 (F)

Finals Week April 26 – April 30

Graduating Students Grades Due May 3 (M), 8:00 am

All Grades due May 7 (F), 8:00 am

Commencement May 8 (Sat) 10:00 am