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Office of Admission

Your quest for the right college takes more than an internet search.

Some questions are easily answered by an algorithm. How large is the campus? How many majors are offered? How many sports teams are there? How much is the tuition? But Google cannot answer the truly important questions. How does the campus feel? Are the people friendly?  When you speak to the current students, are they genuine? When you take your tour, do you feel inspired? Can you call it home?

At Lake Erie College, we take your college search personally. We understand that a pair of shoes can be beautiful, but if they don’t fit, you won’t be comfortable. The students who make LEC their home are a diverse group from local, regional, national, and international communities. They possess a variety of academic and creative achievements and a clear commitment to community service.

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We guide you every step of the way From application to graduation 

Admission decisions are based on your full portfolio and the probability of your success as a part of the LEC community. In the application review process, we strive to discover students who will bring academic and creative achievements, elements of diversity, proven commitments to community service, and the potential to make significant contributions to our campus community.

Furthermore, LEC seeks talented students who show the capacity to develop analytical minds, uphold civic and global responsibilities, contribute to our athletic programs, adhere to sound ethical principles, and respect human diversity and individuality.

Statement on Civil Discourse

Lake Erie College takes a holistic approach to admission decisions and supports students who engage responsibly in civil action. Consistent with our mission-driven commitment to community and creative problem-solving, any disciplinary action resulting from responsible activism will not jeopardize a student's admission status to LEC.