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College Credit Plus| Program

Lake Erie College's CCP program allows eligible students to earn high school and college credit that will appear on both their high school and college transcripts.

College Credit Plus (CCP) was enacted into Ohio law in September 2014. Effective with the 2015-2016 school year, CCP replaces the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program and redefines "alternative dual enrollment programs." Learn more from the Ohio Department of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lake Erie College offers two options for College Credit Plus:

  1. On-Campus

    1. Take college courses on the LEC campus.

  2. Dual Enrollment

    1. Take college courses at your high school from accredited teachers through our dual enrollment program. Speak with your guidance counselor to see if we are offering dual enrollment at your high school.

Application Process for CCP Students

Step 1: Attend a High School CCP Information Session

Step 2: Complete the Intent to Participate Form and Return to Your High School by April 1

Step 3: File a CCP Application with Lake Erie College by April 15

Step 4: Submit a High School Transcript or Middle School Grade Report

Step 5: Submit The Guidance Counselor Recommendation Form

Step 6: Determine Eligibility and Placement:

  • Minimum preferred GPA of 2.5.

  • Submit qualifying ACT or SAT scores or take the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Reading Test.

  • Students entering grades 10, 11, or 12 with an unweighted, cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or above will be admitted into the CCP program without test scores.

Step 7: If Applicable, Register for the ACCUPLACER Test

  • If you will be taking the ACCUPLACER test, review the free resources available here.

Step 8: Wait For Admittance Decision!

Step 9: Once Accepted, Complete the CCP Orientation Online. Information on How to Access the CCP Orientation Will Be Emailed to You After You Receive Your Acceptance Confirmation. For Questions About Orientation, Please Contact the Academic Advising Office at: advising@lec.edu

Step 10: Schedule an Appointment to Meet With an Academic Advisor to Select Classes and Register

What Classes Do CCP Students Typically Take?

Students can take any undergraduate courses as long as they have met the prerequisites for the courses. Exceptions to this include physical education courses, individual lessons, and equestrian riding courses. Commonly taken classes include the following:
  • EN 101 Composition and Research

  • EN 201 Advanced College Writing

  • MT 109 Pre- Calculus I

  • EC 201 Macroeconomics

  • EC 202 Microeconomics

  • CM 105 Public Speaking

  • PS 101 General Psychology

  • PO 110 American National Government

See all of our offered classes here!

**To participate in math courses through CCP, students must have successfully completed Algebra 2.

Important Deadline Reminders

  • Letter of Intent must be submitted to the state by April 1st

  • CCP application to LEC - April 15th

  • Fall Registration deadline - June 1st

  • Spring Registration deadline - December 1st

Have questions? Are you a School Administrator? Questions regarding College Credit Plus should be directed to:

For questions about the CCP classes and the registration process:ission process and testing requirements:

Lyric Stancliff

Registration and Advising Coordinator

1 440-375-7059


College Hall 119

For questions about the admission process and testing requirements:

Kaylee White

Transfer/International/CCP coordinator.


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