Lake Erie College Tuition | Painesville, OH

Access detailed summaries of the most current tuition and fees schedule.

  • FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE (12-18 credit hours)

    Tuition: $34,634 (annual) College Fees: $2,000 (annual) Room and Board: $12,486* Total: $49,120 *Room and board is based on a double occupancy room and a dining plan that consists of 350 meals per semester.

  • GRADUATE SCHOOL TUITION PER CREDIT HOUR (11 credit hours or less)

    Master of Education: $499 per credit hour* Master of Business Administration: $750 per credit hour Master of Professional Studies: $750 per credit hour Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies: $840 per credit hour** *The Master of Education also has a $51 per credit hour student fee that is not included in the amount shown above.

  • **The credit hour rate listed for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program is billed at $13,440 per semester.

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  • Payment Due Dates: 5/1 - Summer 8/1 -Fall 12/1 -Spring

  • Tuition is payment for all costs directly associated with the academic delivery of a Lake Erie College education to registered students.

    College Fees are designated as payment for services associated with other activities in support of the educational process and for materials used by students for courses and other academic activities.

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