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College teaches you more than academics. For most, college is your first time living on your own. No curfew, no house rules, no chores. Friends, late nights and freedom!

New Student Orientation

Student Affairs is proud to welcome new students to LEC with our series of new student orientation events.

Register for New Student Orientation Here

Students can register for New Student Orientation on our LEO page.

We're here to help

Reality sets in pretty quickly. Who knew that Easy Mac catches on fire in the microwave if you forget to add enough water? Why does Biology class start at 8am on Monday morning? And laundry? Where does it all come from — do dirty socks reproduce in the basket?

College students just like you have walked these halls for over 160 years, and we're here to help you transition from high school kid to successful college graduate in no time.

  • Tricks of the Trade

    First, you need a room, usually equipped with one or two friendly roommates, and a cool resident assistant (RA) living just down the hall. Next, you need food. Easy Mac works in a pinch but a well-stocked cafeteria and a few conveniently located cafes are a blessing, especially when you had to spend your pizza money on laundry soap last week. Mix in a 24/7 Security Department staffed by some pretty cool officers and now you can get down to learning in a safe place with the comforts of home.

  • Things to Do

    All work and no play makes Jack and Jill jump over the moon with a dish. Or something along those lines. LEC offers an array of activities outside of the classroom to give your brain a break from the books. We have some pretty amazing clubs, sports, and organizations to help you have fun, stay fit, and find your tribe. An added bonus: employers look for extracurricular activities on resumes when they make hiring decisions.

  • About Finding a Job

    Your years at LEC will include some amazing experiences. You begin as a teenager and graduate as an amazing version of yourself you only dreamed about. Your final college step is a leap into the workforce, landing the career of your dreams, or at least grabbing the first rung on your way up the ladder. Our Office of Career Development specializes in helping you find that ladder and making the jump.

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