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Accommodations Support and Counseling Services

Accommodations Support and Counseling Services, located in Garfield C-16, serves the Lake Erie College Community in the areas of Counselling and Disability Services.

Members of the campus community are welcome to drop in throughout the day or to make an appointment to visit the Accommodations Support and Counseling Services by phone or email.


Lake Erie College has developed policies concerning students with disabilities.


  • Conform to the applicable federal, state, and college/university policies, regulations, and definitions regarding students with disabilities.

  • Provide services that comply with external and internal policies and laws to qualified students through the services of the Learning Center.

  • Uphold academic standards in the context of these policies and services.

  • Commit its departments and faculty to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

  • Require students to provide or cooperate in providing necessary documentation in order to be eligible to receive services.

  • Assist qualified students with disabilities in obtaining reasonable accommodations.

  • Maintain legally appropriate confidentiality for students with disabilities.

Please review the following for additional information regarding Disability Coordination through the Accommodations Support and Counseling Services.


There are a variety of medical services available to the Lake Erie College community close to campus, including walk-in clinics, and primary care physicians. Some of the services available include:


The following services are available:

  • Social and academic counseling and behavioral interventions

  • Collaboration with and referral to community agencies including alcohol/drug and rehabilitation services

  • Stress management and suicide awareness training

  • Referrals to medical and family planning centers

  • Depression, anxiety, ADHD and appropriate referrals

  • Critical incident response and 24-hour mental health coverage

  • Support to student-athletes

  • Disability Coordination


The Early Alert System (EAS) is a service offered through a collaborative partnership between the Divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to identify and respond as quickly as possible to students exhibiting at-risk academic or personal behaviors.

In order to fill out an Early Alert form please visit: https://leo.lec.edu/ICS/Academics/Free-form_Content_1.jnz or login into LEO and select the "Faculty" tab and then select "EARLY ALERT" on the left side of the screen.

Meet the Counselor & contact Dr. Spiesman to schedule an appointment:

John Spiesman

Director of Accessibility Support and Counseling Services

1 (440) 375-7372


Garfield C-16