Honors Program at Lake Erie College | Painesville, OH

Join a community of high-achieving scholars on an innovative, empowering and personalized academic journey.

By reflecting upon the learning opportunities present in every facet of life, students’ increased self-awareness, concern for the welfare of others and career readiness will more effectively position them for post-graduation personal and professional success. The Lake Erie College Honors Program is customized for each student, guided by faculty coaches and the student's own areas of focus. 

2021 Honors Summit Presentations

View the Honors Program Summit Presentations of our 2021 Graduates

Your Journey to Personal and Professional Success

The Honors Program at Lake Erie College is a four-year path to personal and professional growth through an emphasis on self-reflection, communication effectiveness, integrative thinking and applied learning.

What are the benefits of joining the Honors Program?

  • Graduate with an honors diploma from the Lake Erie College Honors Program

  • Stay involved with peers who are academically excellent

  • Academic programming (travel, lectures, honors reception, etc.)

  • Enhanced honors classes

  • Priority registration

  • Undergraduate research and leadership opportunities

  • Personal academic advising and support with your senior capstone research project

  • Official honors recognition on final LEC transcript

  • Earn tiered scholarships

The Honors Program at Lake Erie College provided me with an educational experience that was both unique and rewarding. As a member of the honors program, I had the privilege to take honors classes that challenged me and shaped me into a well-rounded learner. For me personally, the honors program went beyond academics by providing me with fun opportunities outside of the classroom that would give me lifelong friendships and memories. Joining the honors program is a great way to not only challenge yourself as a learner but also to become embedded in a community that encourages you to excel and thrive as a student.

Lila Kalina | Mathematics and Adolescent/Young Adult Education, Class of 2021

Earn Tiered Scholarships

Incoming Freshmen are eligible to earn scholarships that increase by $1,000 each year until Senior Year, maxing out at $4,000.

  • Freshman Year


  • Sophomore Year


  • Junior Year


  • Senior Year


Honors Program Learning Objectives (PLO)

  • Self-Reflection & Metacognition:

    Students will critically reflect on their personal interests, values, learning strategies, contextual frames, assumptions, and habits of mind, equipping them for lifelong learning and strategic decision-making.

  • Communication Effectiveness:

    Students will develop their skills in verbal, non-verbal, and written communication so as to support their post-graduation career and academic pursuits.

  • Integrative & Applied Learning:

    Students will develop their capacity to draw connections across ideas and experiences, empowering them to synthesize multidisciplinary concepts and apply learning in a variety of contexts.

  • Targeted Innovation:

    Students will design, execute, and present to the campus community a significant intellectual project, demonstrating the skills necessary to produce either new knowledge through independent research or an original creative composition.

  • Download the Honors Program Student Handbook

  • Download the Honors Program Advising FAQ

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