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Scholars' Summit Presentations at Lake Erie College| Painesville, OH

Watch and listen to Lake Erie College student presentations for the honors program scholars' summit.

PowerPoint Presentations

Video Presentations

Lyric Stancliff: Student Perceptions of Safety

Natalie Urban: Impact on Student Learning

Natalie Thoss: "Planning for Retirement"

Advisor: Peter Apicella.

Chloe Beach: “My Tax Journey Through College”

Advisor: Julie Ziemak, MBA, CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting

Leah Buck: “Post World War II Nuclear Testing and the USS Agerholm”

Advisor: Dr. Darlene Hall - Professor of History

Benjamin Feder: “Finding the Market Value of a Graded Basketball Card by Running a Regression on Microsoft Excels”

Advisor: Julie Ziemak, MBA, CPA - Associate Professor of Accounting

Maura Galanti: “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Juvenile Delinquents”

Advisor: Sarah Dwyer, Equine Studies

Luca Hartman: “The Halo Effect of Race and Gender on Sentence Severity of Juvenile Delinquents”

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Yachanin, Professor of Psychology

Lila Kalina: “Mathematics in Poetry”

Advisor: Betty Clifford, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Education

Nicole Nark: “mRNA Technology Introduced as the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Revolutionize the World of Medicine”

Advisor: Dr. Deborah Schulman - Professor of Biology

Nina Omiecinski: “The Mathematics of Art”

Advisor: Betty Clifford, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Education

Gabriela Peters: “Color in Motion”

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Jaffe, Professor of Theatre

Harrison Riggs: “The Learning Curve”

Advisor: Kathleen Skledar, MBA, Instructor of Marketing

Anna Stowe: “Financial Reporting: Corporate Image Versus Integrity”

Advisor: Julie Ziemak, MBA, CPA - Assistant Professor of Accounting

Alexandra Strawbridge: “Becoming Frances Jennings Casement: An Unexpected Project Journey”

Advisor: Dr. Darlene Hall, Professor of History

Yasmine Thornton: “How Did Virtual Learning Impact Education?”

Advisor: Hannah Fairbanks