1. The Lake Erie College Tower Honors Program
  2. Reaching the Summit: Senior Capstone and Honors Presentation

Scholars' Summit Presentations at Lake Erie College| Painesville, OH

Student presentations for The Lake Erie College Tower Honors Program

  • Megan Biddell Internships & Impact Advisor: Julie Ziemak Major: Accounting

  • Kayla Clark The WASP of WWII: Origins of Female Pilots Advisor: Dr. Hall Major: History  Minor: English, Music, and Italian 

  • Emilie Coyne Teaching Mathematics Through Dance  Advisor: Tabrina Smith and Gregory Rothwell  Majors: Mathematics and Adult-Young Adolescents Education 

  • Graham Lofstead An Overview of West Virginian Culture through the Occupational Histories of Labor in the State Advisors: Dr. Swartz-Levine and Dr. Hall Majors: English and History

  • Janice Robinson The Effect of Student Satisfaction on Academic Performance at Lake Erie College. Advisor: Aibak Hafeez : Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Major: Business Administration. Minor: Entrepreneurship