Arts, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Lake Erie College

Explore the School of Arts, Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Lake Erie College. We empower students to dream big while learning a craft with a liberal arts education.

Why Lake Erie College?

One of the truly special elements of a Lake Erie College education is the close relationships students develop with faculty. Our small classes are rigorous and lead to engaged classroom discussions, hands on learning opportunities in studio courses, class-related field trips to local and regional cultural sites and a wealth of internship opportunities. But that's not all...

  • Gain Real-World Experience

    Our faculty are well known in their fields, as well, so our students get to study with the very best. Our students have held internships with some incredible organizations like...

    Because of those well-connected faculty who work closely with students to identify their career goals and intellectual passions, our students have pursued internships at major communication firms, in political field offices, at publishing houses, at local art studios, at TV networks, at local and state government agencies, at international heritage sites, at law firms, at historical societies and at social service community organizations.

  • Dream Big

    Students also have won national competitions with their work, most recently including a Graphic Design USA award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of graphic design. It is the mentorship of our Lake Erie College faculty that enables our students to dream big dreams and set big goals, as we equip students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to achieve their career and life ambitions. Guiding students in empowering themselves as they chart a life of personal and professional significance is a hallmark of a Lake Erie College education. All of that starts in the small classes and lifelong mentoring relationships that develop once a student joins our Storm family. At LEC, you will develop and provide outlets for skills in all modes of communication. Majoring in any one of these liberal arts education disciplines fosters the skills, attitudes and abilities necessary for personal and professional success.

  • Be Ready for Anything

    A liberal arts education prepares you to meet career and life challenges as educated and responsible citizens of local, national and international communities. At Lake Erie College, we provide opportunities for you to engage as a global citizen, capable of contributing value to your community. We encourage intellectual openness, curiosity as well as a critical examination of both societal and personal values and beliefs.

Majors in Arts

The disciplines housed in the Arts are essential to both individual and societal growth as sources of emotional, moral and intellectual beauty. Practitioners develop moral insight and understanding and engage in the power of creativity.

Majors in Education and Teaching

The disciplines housed under Education will prepare any aspiring young educator into a dedicated career as a teacher, coach or specialist.

Majors in Humanities

The disciplines housed in the Humanities allow students to connect and communicate with each other and the world around us.

Majors in Social Sciences

The disciplines housed in the Social Sciences allow students to go into the world with applicable communication skills in commercial, law and health.

Benefits of an Education Degree from LEC

  • Loan Forgiveness

    Did you know teachers qualify for loan forgiveness? Plan ahead, learn about the student loans that qualify for loan forgiveness after 10 years of on-time payments. Learn More

  • CAEP Accreditation

    The 2023 CAEP review included the following programs:

    • AYA English/Language Arts Education
    • AYA Mathematics Education
    • AYA Social Studies Education
    • Primary Education (PK-5)
    • SPED: Intervention Specialist (baccalaureate)
    • SPED: Intervention Specialist (post-baccalaureate)
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Endorsements and Licensure Programs

These are programs designed to give teachers who already have their teaching license additional qualifications.

School of Education Accreditation

Lake Erie College Education Department is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Is our new accreditation.