School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Lake Erie College

Enroll in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to become a true scientist in the meteoric rise of science careers.

Skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are in high demand. The contemporary world is in need of researchers, engineers, medical professionals and scientific practitioners to design and build a better future. The STEM programs at the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will prepare you to join the workforce in this exciting and growing field or provide a fast-track to graduate programs like our top-tier physician assistant program or regional STEM school partners.

  • Careers for SNSM Students

    The tailored courses at Lake Erie College train students for real-world jobs. From aspiring doctors to future agriculture analysts, our students are prepared for a wide range of careers that are actively shaping the world around us. These are some of the career fields you can access through a science or mathematics education:

    • Nursing

    • Pharmacology

    • Agriculture

    • Engineering

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Data Analysis

    • Industrial Design

    • Environmental Policy

    • Public Health

  • The Lake Erie College Difference

    There are lots of options out there for STEM schools, so why choose Lake Erie College? In a word, personalization. Here, it’s all about you. Our classes are always taught by professors and lifelong practitioners, not TAs or part-time researchers. Your teachers will know you by name and will be lifelong partners on your path to becoming a true scientist — in the classroom and in the laboratory.

Majors in Natural Sciences and Mathematics