Dorothy Collins-Kappele, PhD | Faculty

Assistant Professor of Sport Management

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School of Business

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Dr. Collins-Kappele has more than 20 years of experience teaching and coaching swimming, at the recreational, high school, masters and club levels. In addition to a coaching competitive swimming she has taught swim lessons to people of all ages, ranging from 6 month olds to senior citizens. During her coaching career she held an ASCA Level III certification, as well as Red Cross Water Safety Instructor credentials. Beyond the Classroom:

Dr. Collins-Kappele earned her Master’s degree in education, with a concentration in sport management from Old Dominion University, and her doctorate in Sport and Entertainment Management from the University of South Carolina. She has taught sport related classes at both Lake Erie College and the University of South Carolina.

Professor Collins-Kappele's research focuses on the use of group identity and self-sacrificial leadership to create social capital within sport organizations. More specifically, her research has examined how coaches and sport organizations can help foster lifelong sport participation by creating more positive experiences at the youth sport level.

First Year Experience Instructor:

I enjoy teaching HU110 as I particularly enjoy the opportunity to meet the newest members of the LEC community. I am excited this year to share the common read with students, and watch them gain new perspectives about themselves and what they hope to get out of their undergrad experience at LEC. Getting to know students who might otherwise never take my courses in sport management is one of my favorite parts of being a faculty member at a small school.