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School of Business

The Lake Erie College School of Business offers several tracks of study to prepare you for a career in today’s bustling business market.

For LEC, Business is Booming!

You can choose general studies in Management, or specialize in Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Sports Management, Sports Studies, or Marketing. The combination of business study with a liberal arts education prepares you to thrive, adapt, and excel in an environment with an unprecedented pace of change. 

In today’s high-powered business world, employers are hungry for educated employees who already have some experience in their field, even as new graduates. Global and national markets reward those who enter the workforce with business savvy, and we offer hands-on experiences that complement our classroom learning. The LEC Tax Clinic provides students firsthand experience in tax assistance for community members needing help with tax preparation. Our Market Research group works with businesses and industries to tackle specific research questions and provide applicable data and analytics to assist in solving problems. 

From practitioners in industrial psychology to CPAs

Our faculty’s professional experiences provide insight into the workplace and help enhance the learning experience. They provide personalized attention to you and help you meet your academic and professional goals. The LEC School of Business commits itself to your success!

Business Majors