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Bachelor's of Science in Entrepreneurship from LEC

The entrepreneurship degree at Lake Erie College integrates a contemporary liberal arts education with a solid foundation of management tools from the business sector.

Within this context, students are taught how to recognize and assess opportunities, master communication skills, participate and lead effectively in a team environment. They're also taught how to develop comprehensive implementation plans for businesses in any industry.

Whether market-based or within a not-for-profit environment, Lake Erie College's entrepreneurship degree program prepares students to create new ventures, both as stand-alone entities and within existing organizational structures.

ideaLabs Classroom

Faculty Member Peter Apicella (right) helps entrepreneurship students go over their ideaLabs presentations.

About the Entrepreneurship Program

Getting a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship gives students a toolbelt that can be used to find success in any industry. With small class sizes, entrepreneurship majors get personalized attention to faculty in a way that just doesn't exist at larger schools.

This personalized attention allows students to receive support as they figure out what their pathway to success looks like. With an entrepreneurship degree, students can go anywhere. Lake Erie College also offers experiences that expose students to multiple path options and opportunities to find success, including membership in the EEC and LEC's own SPARK Talks.

Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC)

Lake Erie College is a member of the EEC, which allows students to participate in IdeaLabs - a program that allows them to get funding for their own startup ideas. Funding through the EEC allows Entrepreneurship students to receive funding for ideas as well as the entrepreneurship program as a whole to keep expanding.

Many other colleges are involved in this consortium, but they don't receive the same guidance from faculty members and other students that allow them to take what they get from the EEC and run with it. In addition, LEC students have been able to get internships that have been funded by the EEC as well as access to accelerated learning opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Students

Entrepreneurship Students standing with faculty member Peter Apicella after the ideaLabs 2022 presentation


SPARK Talks is a student run organization that brings local business leaders to campus to speak to entrepreneurship students. More often than not, these are people who started their own business after graduating. Sometimes these guests are LEC alumni and other times, they're just people close to the campus community.

Not only do these events act as a place for students to learn what being an entrepreneur in the real world is like, but it gives them great networking opportunities.

Sam Hardesty at LEC for SPARK Talk

The Entrepreneurship Program at LEC was lucky enough to bring Sam Hardesty to LEC for one of their SPARK Talk events.

What jobs can you get with an entrepreneurship degree?

Students who get an entrepreneurship degree from Lake Erie College learn the fundamentals of business management, allowing them to go into any field they want to and be successful. Skills that entrepreneurship students walk away with are:

  • idea development

  • business development

  • venture and startup knowledge

  • enterprise development

  • leadership

In addition, this degree can be paired with other degrees at LEC for greater efficiency. Students can work with faculty and advisors to find the right pairing for their pathway to empowerment.

What have students gone on to do?

Cameron Zona, Class of 2022

Cameron Zona double majored in Fine Arts and Entrepreneurship during his time at LEC. His work with Peter Apicella and the Entrepreneurship program helped him start Access Theater in Mayfield - a Pay What You Will theater that helps make theater accessible to everyone regardless of financial background. Cameron also won the ideaLabs competition in 2022.

Graduate Preparation

The entrepreneurship degree courses at Lake Erie College incorporates educational experiences designed to accelerate the development of today's student to tomorrow's business leader through the intensive use of collaborative projects, case studies and internships. All programs offered by the School of Business offer excellent preparation for further study at the graduate level.

Requirements for the Major

Students are required to take 51 semester credits including:

  • AC 101 Accounting Principles I (3 SH)

  • AC 102 Accounting Principles II (3 SH)

  • EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 SH)

  • EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 SH)

  • ET 211 New Venture Planning and Development (3 SH)

  • ET 221 Techniques of Persuading, Selling and Negotiating (3 SH)

  • ET 401 New Venture Practicum and Entrepreneurship Experience: Part 1 (3 SH)

  • ET 402 New Venture Practicum and Entrepreneurship Experience: Part 2 (3 SH)

  • CJ 315 Business Law I (3 SH)

  • MK 2013 Marketing Principles (3 SH)

  • MK 317 Marketing Management (3 SH)

  • MN 200 Introduction to Management (3 SH)

  • MN 215 Business Statistics (3 SH)

  • MN 216 Applied Decision Models (3 SH)

  • MN 315 Supervision and Leadership (3 SH)

  • MN 323 Organizational Behavior (3 SH)

Entrepreneurship Group I

Three Semester Credits from the following:

  • FN 315 Accounting and Finance for Not-For-Profit Organizations (3 SH)

  • FN 320 Corporation Finance (3 SH)

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Lake Erie College emphasizes the individual. Our classes are taught by professors, not graduate students. Classes are small, allowing students and professors to know one another. We care deeply about the success, development, and happiness of our students.

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