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  2. Lake Erie College Hosts Educators Rising

Lake Erie College Hosts Educators Rising

The Lake Erie College School of Education recently hosted the Educators Rising (EdRising) Northeast Ohio Regional Workshop on campus. The School of Education faculty members engaged dozens of high school students in team building activities and an overview of this year’s competition topics.

The workshop hosted at LEC was designed to introduce students and teacher leaders to explore the competition options offered by Educators Rising. Teachers and LEC staff oversaw a variety of team building experiences to get teams excited about the 2022 Educators Rising State Conference.

Students were welcomed to LEC by President Brian Posler, Ph.D. and Dean of the School of Education, Katharine Delavan, Ph.D. Guest speakers included Dr. Kim Yoak, Executive Director, Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Meryl Johnson, Ohio School Board Representative, District 11.

Included in the student participants this year was the EdRising National President, Zhane McCorvey from Maple Heights High School. Former EdRising state president, LEC Freshman Da’Vion Evans and former EdRising Recording Secretary, LEC student Ashleigh Trobek also participated in the event.

“I enjoyed giving my students a tour of the campus,” said Trobek. “It was so fun to get to know these students, but it was also an extraordinary experience to bond with them.”

EdRising is a dynamic non-profit organization for middle and high school students interested in education-related careers. EdRising Ohio currently serves over 1,000 students across the state.

Local Chapters help motivate rising educators by encouraging them to set educational and career goals early in life. They also explore the various dimensions of the teaching profession through direct experiences.

Trobek highly recommends students give EdRising a try. “I suggest students become involved with EdRising because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The conference is an exciting experience, and if you are a state officer like I was, you get to broaden your horizons. I was always terrified to talk in front of crowds, and then in the blink of an eye, there I was competing and representing Ohio!”