School of Equine Studies at Lake Erie CollegeEquine Business Administration| Major

This multidisciplinary major combines business management courses with a strong core of equine-specific courses. Our curriculum explores the fundamentals of business administration, marketing, accounting, economics, and human resource management.

The equine courses focus on horsemanship skills, equine business and facility management, and basic equine health care and management.

You develop a strong business sense and the equine knowledge base and skills essential to success in the equine industry. Potential careers include equine insurance agents, horse show managers, tack store marketing specialists, boarding barn managers, feed sales representatives, and veterinary assistants to name just a few possibilities.

Interdependent Culture

Many students choose to combine their equestrian interests with studies in the natural sciences, business or psychology, or with preparation for veterinary or graduate school.

Additionally, our curriculum addresses the needs of students who will work in a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent, by providing opportunities to learn about peoples and cultures other than their own.

Focus on the Individual

Lake Erie College emphasizes the individual. Our classes are taught by professors, not graduate students. Classes are small, allowing students and professors to know one another. We care deeply about the success, development, and happiness of our students.

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