1. School of Equine Studies
  2. Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Program

Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Program| Major

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science

General Requirements for Students in the Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Program

Admission to professional veterinary school programs is arduous. The Equine Pre-Veterinary Science program combines academic rigor and experience in the basic and equine sciences to help the student prepare a high-quality application to enter veterinary school.

Students in the major must earn grades of C- or above in biology, chemistry and equine anatomy and physiology at Lake Erie College. One probationary semester for freshman is permitted. Freshman may repeat a course once for grade improvement above D+. The student’s cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher at the end of their fourth semester on the LEC campus. Transfer students must meet with the Dean of the School of Equine Studies for transcript review and to request admission to the program. For graduation in this major, all Equine Pre-Veterinary Science majors must achieve a minimum 2.7 career GPA and a minimum 3.0 cumulative major GPA. Students who are not making acceptable academic progress may be dismissed from the program.

Many colleges of veterinary medicine require specific science and mathematics coursework, as well as coursework in other areas such as animal science, immunology, cell biology, genetics, psychology, and sociology. Equine Pre-Veterinary Science students should seek advice from pre-professional advisors to ensure that their course selections will be appropriate prerequisites for admission to the veterinary medical schools of their choice.

Essential skills and proficiency testing will be assessed periodically for students in this program. Riding classes are an option choice for students in this program. Students who do not take a riding class are not required to comply with Rider Fitness or Riders Size components of the Equine Studies Student and Rider Eligibility Standards. All other eligibility standards for equine studies students must be met by the student. 

Requirements for the major 71-72 SH semester credits including:

Courses in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: (41 SH)

  • BI 102 Introductory Biology II (3 SH)/Lab (1 SH)

  • BI 205 Microbiology (4 SH)/ Lab (1SH)

  • BI 302 Biochemistry (3SH)/Lab (1SH)

  • CH 103 General Chemistry I (3 SH)Lab (1SH)

  • CH 104 General Chemistry II (3 SH)Lab (1SH)

  • CH 211 Organic Chemistry I (3 SH)/ Lab (1 SH)/ Lab Lect (1 SH)

  • CH 212 Organic Chemistry II (3 SH)/ Lab (1 SH)/ Lab Lect (1 SH)

  • PC 201 General Physics I (3 SH)/ Lab (1 SH)

  • PC 202 General Physics II (3 SH)/ Lab (1 SH)

  • SC 101 Methods of Science I (1 SH)

  • SC 102 Methods of Science II (1 SH)

Courses in the School of Equine Studies: (29 SH)

  • EQ 109 Introduction to the Equine Industry (3 SH)

  • EQ 110 Horse Care Practicum (4 SH)

  • EQ 210 Equine Health (3 SH)

  • EQ 211 Equestrian Business Essentials (3 SH)

  • EQ 238 Equine Anatomy and Physiology I (3 SH)

  • EQ 239 Equine Anatomy and Physiology II (3 SH)

  • EQ 250/350 Internship in Equine Studies (1 SH)

  • EQ 320 Equine Nutrition (3 SH)

  • EQ 324 Pasture Management (3 SH)

  • EQ 331 Equine Lameness (3 SH)

And Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Group 2 – CORE requirements:

BI 101 Introductory Biology I (3 SH)/Lab (1SH) *Meets General Education Requirement for CORE

MT 109 Pre-Calculus (4 SH) *Meets Basic Proficiency Requirement for CORE

Students in the Equine Pre-Veterinary Science program must earn a grade of C- or higher in these courses be maintain their seat in this program.

and Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Group 3 – one or two semester credits from:
  • EQR 140 Beginning Forward Seat Riding (1 SH)

  • EQR 141 Novice Forward Seat Riding (1 SH)

  • EQR 142 Intermediate Forward Seat Riding (1 SH)

  • EQR 143 Advanced Forward Seat Riding (1 SH)

  • EQR 112 Riding Fundamentals 2 (1 SH)

  • EQR 114 Principles of Dressage (1 SH)

  • EQR 201 Western Seat I (1 SH)

  • EQR 202 Western Seat II (1 SH)


  • EQ 115 Assisting with Therapeutic Riding (2 SH)

NOTE: The required Equine Pre-Veterinary Science Group 3 course must be completed by the spring semester of the junior year.

Students must either acquire First Aid and Adult CPR Certification or take PE 110 in Junior or Senior year, and hold status at the time of graduation.

  • PE 110 First Aid and CPR Certification (2 SH)


  • Proof of current First Aid and CPR Certification

Essential skills and proficiency testing will be assessed periodically for students in this Equine Studies program. Students in this major must comply with all Student Standards components of the Equine Studies Student and Rider Eligibility Standards.

Recommended as electives:

  • BI 220 Medical Terminology (2 SH)

  • BI 301 Genetics (3 SH)

  • BI 301L Genetics Lab (1 SH)

  • BI 203 Cell and Molecular Biology (3 SH)

  • BI 203L Cell and Molecular Biology Lab (1 SH)

  • EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 SH) **Meets General Education Requirement

  • EQ 212 Equine Facilities Management and Operations (3 SH)

  • EQ 312 Principles and Theory of Competition (2 SH)

  • MT 210 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (5 SH)