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Equine Teacher/Trainer-English Riding| Major

Our seminal riding major, the teacher/trainer degree combines intensive riding and training classes at our highest levels with our program’s foundational scientific and business curriculum.

Other key courses are experiential teaching classes where you instruct your peers and outside riders, honing the ability to teach riding to a variety of clientele. Graduates often work as professional riders for large-scale training operations, IEA, and IHSA team coaches, and frequently begin their own training programs.

Prepare for Equine Careers

This program prepares dedicated, talented individuals to take positions of responsibility as riders, trainers and riding instructors in the English disciplines of hunters, jumpers, and dressage. Students are also prepared to provide top-quality management of an equine facility in any discipline. Practical application of knowledge and skills provides the student with the opportunity to gain the proficiency necessary to be successful in his or her chosen field.

Equine Success

Lake Erie College's equine studies program is the first step on the road to success. Thee broad-based liberal arts foundation that Lake Erie College provides, combined with a major program of study, is the best preparation for any career. Students will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and develop a sense of confidence that promotes leadership skills. Students can turn their avocation for horses into a vocation in the equestrian industry.

Interdependent Culture

Many students choose to combine their equestrian interests with studies in the natural sciences, business or psychology, or with preparation for veterinary or graduate school. Additionally, our curriculum addresses the needs of students who will work in a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent, by providing opportunities to learn about peoples and cultures other than their own.

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Lake Erie College emphasizes the individual. Our classes are taught by professors, not graduate students. Classes are small, allowing students and professors to know one another. We care deeply about the success, development, and happiness of our students.

Equine Teacher/Trainer Degree - Bachelor of Science

Students in this major must comply with all the Student Standards, Rider Fitness and Rider Size Components of the Equine Studies Student and Rider Eligibility Standards.

Requirements for the Equine Teacher/Trainer Degree

Students seeking to get a Bachelor of Science in Equine Teacher/Trainer Degree must take 68-75 semester credits, including:

  • AC 101 Accounting Principles I (3 SH)

  • BI 100 Concepts of Biology (3 SH) or BI 101/L Introductory Biology I/Lab (4 SH)

  • EQ 109 Introduction to the Equine Industry (3 SH)

  • EQ 110 Horse Care Practicum (4 SH)

  • EQ 202 Management of Equestrian Activities (3 SH)

  • EQ 210 Equine Health (3 SH)

  • EQ 211 Equestrian Business Essentials (3 SH)

  • EQ 220 Introduction to Teaching Riding (2 SH)

  • EQ 238 Equine Anatomy and Physiology I (3 SH)

  • EQ 239 Equine Anatomy and Physiology II (3 SH)

  • EQ 250 / 350 Internship in Equine Studies (1-5 SH)

  • EQ 312 Principles and Theory of Competition (2 SH)

  • EQ 316 Methods and Materials of Teaching Riding I (3 SH)

  • EQ 316L Methods and Materials of Teaching Riding I Lab (1 SH)

  • EQ 317 Methods and Materials of Teaching Riding II (3 SH)

  • EQ 317L Methods and Materials of Teaching Riding II Lab (1 SH)

  • EQ 320 Equine Nutrition (3 SH)

  • EQ 331 Equine Lameness (3 SH)

  • EQR 301 Training I (2 SH)

  • EQR 302 Training II (2 SH)

  • EQR 310 Schooling I (2 SH)

  • EQR 311 Schooling II (2 SH)

  • MK 203 Marketing Principles (3 SH)

  • MK 301 Social and Digital Media Marketing (3 SH)

EQ Teacher Trainer Courses - Group 1

Students must also take seven of the following. All required riding classes should be completed by the fall semester of the senior year.

  • EQR 120 Introduction to Hunters and Theory (1 SH)

  • EQR 121 Hunter I (1 SH)

  • EQR 127 Medium Level Dressage and Theory (1 SH)

  • EQR 128 Advanced Level Dressage (1 SH)

  • EQR 130 Introduction to Stadium Jumpers and Theory (1 SH)

  • EQR 131 Stadium Jumping I (1 SH)

  • EQR 144 Advanced Forward Seat Riding (1 SH)

EQ Teacher Trainer Courses - Group 2

Students must either acquire First Aid and Adult CPR Certification or Take PE 110 in Junior or Senior year. Students must hold current certification at the time of graduation.

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