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Lake Erie College is expanding our Therapeutic Riding Program. Single sessions are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters with multiple session options available during the summer months.

Lake Erie College is a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center.

What is Therapeutic Horsemanship?

Equine-assisted activities dedicated to development of cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Activities include; grooming, leading and riding horses. These activities are done under the supervision of a Certified Instructor.

Who qualifies?

Children ages 8-14 weighing under 150 lbs with developmental disabilities. Children looking to improve problem-solving skills, independence, emotional awareness, social responsibility and impulse control. We are only able to accept ambulatory participants at this time.

The Therapeutic riding class that I took last semester with Melissa Hauserman and my classmates was rewarding because I was able to watch the kids grow and become stronger in their core, listening skills, and overall balance. Some even progressed into two point, halting, trotting, and many other skills that were very fun and rewarding to teach. I highly recommend this class and can't wait to take it again in my senior year!

Maddie Long, 22

  1. Cognitive

    1. Improve cognitive skills by using planning and judgement skills, memory, attention and the ability to put concepts to use. 

  2. Emotional

    1. Horses naturally mirror emotion. Participants learn to identify emotional thoughts and feelings by working alongside equine partners.

  3. Physical

    1. Benefit from improved balance, strength, flexibility and motor skill development.

  4. Social

    1. Build social skills by bonding with equine partners and volunteers.

Meet the instructors of our therapeutic riding program.

Volunteers will attend a minimum of two, 1 ½ hour orientation and training sessions prior to volunteering.Interested in Volunteering?

Whether you have horse experience or are new to working with horses, we are happy to prepare you to be a part of our program.