Parker MBA Program Curriculum

Lake Erie College first offered the master of business administration degree in 1981, and since then, nearly 1,500 business leaders have earned their MBA at Lake Erie. The program enables graduates to expand their horizons and assume progressively more responsible managerial duties. Classes are small and are taught by qualified faculty — individuals with substantial managerial experience as well as advanced academic credentials.

The Lake Erie College Parker MBA is designed for general managers.  Students may choose to obtain a MBA with a concentration in a specific area of study by selecting specific electives. All students must complete twelve (12) courses: nine (9) core courses and three (3) electives for a total of thirty-six (36) semester hours.  


MBA 532 Quantitative Business Analysis
MBA 534 Organizational Behavior
MBA 536 Managerial Economics
MBA 538 Managerial Accounting
MBA 543 Financial Management
MBA 544 Marketing Strategies
MBA 547 Corporate Responsibility & Issues Management
MBA 584 Management of Information Systems
MBA 588 Policy Development


MBA 530 Executive Leadership
MBA 542 Project Management
MBA 550 International Business
MBA 558 Business Law
MBA 563 Human Resource Management
MBA 564 The Managerial Environment
MBA 565 Investments
MBA 567 Management Science Models
MBA 573 Production & Operations Management
MBA 580 Entrepreneurship
MBA 586 Business Process Management


A concentration may be added by selecting your three (3) elective courses in a specific field of study.


The concentration in Health Care Administration prepares Parker MBA students for staff, managerial, and leadership roles in the Health Care industry. The health care administration concentration covers topics including the U.S. health care delivery system; an overview of health informatics ; legal and ethical issues; and the effective management of health care organizations.  The concentration deals with the application of business concepts to the Health Care industry in a broad context, covering not only provider organizations such as hospitals, but other industry participants such as pharmaceutical and medical technology enterprises.  

MBA 562  Health Care Delivery Systems
MBA 576  Ethical & Legal Issues in Health Care
MBA 595  Survey of Health Care Informatics


The MBA concentration in Information Technology Management is designed to meet the emerging market demand for IT management professionals.  Information is a key asset to any organization.  The concentration seeks to develop IT management professionals who will lead an organization’s strategies to most effectively define, store, manage, protect, share, and distribute information to relevant stakeholders as well as exploiting the power of information technology to create a competitive advantage.

MBA 520 Data & Database Management
MBA 521 Information Systems Design and Development
MBA 522 Data Communications, Computer Networks, & Security

The Health Informatics concentration is designed to meet the emerging market demand for health care management professionals with a specialization in informatics. The health care industry is experiencing a massive change in the way it delivers and manages a patient’s health care due to technology and federal mandatory regulations. This concentration seeks to develop health care management professionals who will lead an organization’s strategies to most effectively integrate health informatics as part of daily operations as well as exploiting the power of health care technology to create a competitive advantage and deliver safe and quality patient care.   
MBA 510 Foundations of Health Informatics 
MBA 511 The Interrelationships between Health Care Delivery & Information Systems 
MBA 512 Health care Information & Data Management