LEC Alumna and Board Member Elizabeth (Havens) Abraham ’68 Pledges Matching Gift for Giving Day

Lake Erie College board member and alumna Elizabeth (Havens) Abraham has pledged a $25,000 matching gift for this year’s Giving Day. The matching gift means that for every dollar gifted up to $25,000, Abraham will match it – essentially doubling the donation the school receives on April 29.

“I know that we’re looking at several ways we can improve the college,” Abraham said. “It’s important because small colleges like ours are facing challenges.”

Abraham has a strong connection to the College. She is a graduate of the Class of 1968, a member of the board of directors, and a longtime donor. She has many Lake Erie College connections—classmates who have been her friends for decades and new friends she has met through the Board and annual visits to campus. She remains in touch with them all.

“I think what I really experienced there, and appreciated through all my years, is life-long learning,” Abraham said. “And I also have life-long friends. Every few weeks, I get on a Zoom with my Lake Erie College friends. That’s a long time if you think about it.”

Abraham was inspired to get involved as an alumna because of her experiences as a student at LEC. In addition to having unique experiences, Abraham learned firsthand how gifts of scholarships can make a difference in student’s lives.

“When my husband Al and I started out in our college lives, we really didn’t have any money. And we counted on help from others through scholarships,” Abraham recalls. “Likewise, when we were in a position to, my husband and I thought it was important that we give back.”

As a psychology major, Abraham has made gifts to the psychology department and helped fund a variety of scholarships but since joining the board, Abraham has changed the way she donates to the school.

“I like to leave it open so the college can use the money for the greatest needs,” Abraham said.

Lake Erie College relies on donations to help give students the best experience possible. Abraham understands more than ever how important these donations are to the school’s continued success.

“Within the last 10-15 years, I became more involved as a member of the board and I see some of the struggles that small colleges like LEC go through,” Abraham said. “I’ve had a great deal of privilege to learn more about the college as it’s gotten older and gone through a lot of changes.”

With Abraham’s matching gift, Lake Erie College is able to double whatever donations it receives on Giving Day. This year, in addition to having the option to give unrestricted, donors can choose specific programs and departments. This allows the donor to contribute directly to the programs they care about.

There is no doubt that ever single dollar contributed on Giving Day will help us reach this goal. Abraham encourages people to give what they can in order to help Lake Erie College stay dedicated to its mission.

“Think about Lake Erie and your experience at the college,” Abraham said, “Anything that alumni or an interested party can give would be very, very welcome.”

Giving Day takes place on April 29. Be sure to visit lec.edu/giving and make your gift that day.