First Year Experience – HU110 | Course

In addition to welcoming students into the campus community, the course introduces the Pathway to Empowerment which builds upon the College’s Mission and Vision.

Welcome to Lake Erie College First Year Experience

HU 110: Introducing the Pathway to Empowerment (P2E)

All incoming first-year students will enroll in the HU 110: Introducing the Pathway to Empowerment course as a way of officially transitioning into the LEC community. This one-credit hour course meets every Wednesday throughout the fall from 3:30 - 4:20 p.m. and involves both common experiences as well as small group classroom discussions.

This course covers each of the four elements: Self-Discovery, Developing Strong Personal Attributes, Creative Problem Solving, and Balancing Personal and Professional Goals with the Needs of Others, and is designed to set students on the right path and inspire them to reach their full potential.

What to expect in the HU 110 course:

  • An introduction to the four phases of the Pathway to Empowerment 

  • Opportunities for students to work alongside peers and instructors in small group settings 

  • An understanding of the resources and tools available to help students succeed both academically and personally 

  • A platform for students to explore their interests, make connections, and take action in ways that positively impact their community

HU 110 Fall Semester Feedback

  • Exploring the Future

    "I really enjoyed this course! It really helped me prepare for life outside of school and future endeavors I want to explore! "

  • Personal Growth

    "I feel like the HU 110 class really helped me grow as a person, I had not done much community service before this class and while hanging out cards and singing a little bit it made me feel like I was making an impact and felt very good."

  • Preparing to Make an Impact

    "Great way to prepare students for community involvement and ways to be impactful as a student and citizen."

What is your why?

What drives your passion?

What legacy do you want to leave?

Self-Discovery Starts Here

HU 110 starts students on the path of self-discovery by encouraging students to find their interests and passions, and considering the impact they want to have on the future.

What is the Pathway to Empowerment?

Pathway to Empowerment (P2E)

The Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) signature program takes students on a journey of transformation that leads to a life of personal significance and professional success. This program is designed to empower our students to reach their full potential at Lake Erie College and beyond.

Student Spotlights

Here is the work that some of the Fall 2021 HU 110 students did for their First Year Experience Projects.

School Supply Drive from HU110 Section A

HU110 Section A worked with Dr. Robinson to host a School Supply Drive for Fairport McKinley Elementary.

HU110 Section B Christmas at Mentor Ridge

Dr. Evan's HU 110 class made Christmas cookies and crafts to take to the residents at Mentor Ridge Health and Rehabilitation Center.

HU 110 Group C and Stormy the Pony

For their first year experience project, Professor Gatuatis's HU 110 class brought Stormy the Pony to campus to help improve student's mental health.

HU 110 Section E helps Project Hope for the Homeless

HU 110 Section E collected donations for Project Hope for the Homeless for their First Year Experience Project.

First Year Experience – HU110 Faculty