The Lake Erie College Professional MBA program is designed for students with current or previous professional work experience. Pursuing the professional MBA empowers you to take on greater managerial challenges that will help you advance as a leader, while developing the strategic skills necessary to manage the functional areas of an organization. As a student in the MBA professional program, you will complete courses designed to enable you to gain a sophisticated understanding of the wider business environment including cultural, legal and economic trends and sharpen your ability to analyze and solve complex situations under pressure and uncertainty.

Classes are held on weekday evenings.  Students progress at their own pace, taking from one to four classes per semester.  Qualified students may also take occasional accelerated courses and/or online courses by permission of the Director of the MBA Program.   

Professional MBA evening courses are currently offered at:


The Lake Erie College Accelerated MBA program is designed for individuals with significant professional work experience and strong academic records. Students admitted to the Accelerated program can earn the MBA degree in a period of eleven months by taking as many as four classes per semester. Accelerated MBA students also have full access to weekday evening and online courses offered under the Professional MBA program  


Earn your MBA 100% online! This online option leads to the exact same degree and includes the same coursework as our other MBA options except it can be completed 100% online with no face-to-face attendance required throughout the entire program.

The online Parker MBA has a limited number of seats. Online MBA students will follow a determined curriculum path, utilize our user-friendly online platform (LEO-Lake Erie Online), and will take two courses per term (fall, spring & summer) with a completion time of only two years!


The Lake Erie College Traditional MBA program is especially tailored for students without current or previous professional work experience.  Classes are held during the day on weekdays on the main campus.   

Qualified students with any undergraduate major are eligible for enrollment in the Lake Erie College Parker MBA program.  Non prior business courses are required.  Students participating in the On-Campus Traditional MBA program do not select a concentration and instead follow the General Management track.  The General Management track will broaden a student’s overall knowledge in business administration.


Lake Erie College students who have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 may register for up to 12 semester credits of courses in the Lake Erie College MBA program.  These courses may be counted as elective credits towards bachelor’s degree completion. Upon admission to the Lake Erie College MBA program, up to 12 semester credits of such course work in which the student has earned a grade of “B” or better will be applied towards the 36 semester credits requirement for the MBA degree.

Participation requires an application and approval by the dean of the School of Business and is approved on a semester by semester basis.  Students who fail to achieve appropriate grades may be denied continuation in the program.  Grades earned in the program will calculate in the undergraduate term and cumulative grade point averages the same as undergraduate grades and will be used in determining academic standing, Dean’s List and Latin Honors.  Tuition for participating in the program is billed at the undergraduate tuition rate according to the published Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Students wishing to continue as degree-seeking in the Master of Business Administration program at Lake Erie College are required to follow the regular admissions process.  Once accepted, the coursework completed and applied to the undergraduate degree will be transcripted as waivers with credit hours at the graduate level and will not be included in the graduate grade point average calculation.