Nursing Degree Partnership at Lake Erie College | Painesville, OH

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Lake Erie College and Mount Carmel College of Nursing have established an agreement that will enable students to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Lake Erie College after three and a half years of undergraduate work and a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Mount Carmel in three additional semesters through its Second Degree Accelerated Program. degree path at Lake Erie will incorporate a highly focused program that allows students to take all prerequisites needed before entering the intense 13-month Second Degree Accelerated Program.

About the Partnership

The agreement between Lake Erie College and Mount Carmel offers 15 slots in Mount Carmel's accelerated program to qualified Lake Erie College students. As an added benefit, the combined degree program also offers students the ability to immediately enroll in graduate-level courses at Mount Carmel with provisional admission to the master's program, which offers a Master of Science degree with tracks in nursing administration, adult health an nursing education

Program Qualifications

To advance to Mount Carmel, Lake Erie College students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average and complete an interview. For more information, contact the Lake Erie College Office of Admission.