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Admission to law school is competitive and largely determined by undergraduate grades and scores on the LSAT. At Lake Erie we provide opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular events, participate in our Learning Community and build relationships with faculty advisors. We also offer two accelerated partnership programs for students who meet the qualifications. Below is more information on our programs.

Admission to law school is largely determined by your undergraduate grades and your scores on the Law School Admission Test. Your pre-law advisor at LEC will advise you on the best ways to prepare for the LSAT as well as providing you with guidance in planning for and registering for the test, preparing your law school application and personal statement and identifying the law school that is just right for you.

No matter what your undergraduate field of study is, all law students need important skills, values, knowledge, and experience, prior to law school that will provide a sound foundation for a legal education. At LEC our students have opportunities to participate in extra-curricular and/or experiential learning opportunities that will assist in developing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in law school. Below are just two examples of how LEC students can learn and explore.


No matter what a student’s undergraduate field of study is, all law students need important skills,  knowledge, and experiences, prior to law school.  At LEC our students can participate in co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities to provide a sound foundation and set the stage for success in law school.

Service, Policy and Law Learning Community

The Service, Policy and Law Learning Community is for students who want to explore careers in the public sector, specifically public servants, attorneys, judges and teachers. Start your college career with our community and begin learning and making a positive change in your community and the world as a whole. Ask your admissions counselor how to get involved in our freshman Learning Community.

Propel Ohio:  

LEC students had the opportunity to participate in the Collegiate Leadership Summit at The Ohio State University. Propel Ohio seeks to promote civic engagement and inspire college students to grow as civic leaders in Ohio.

In partnership with The John Glenn Civic Leadership Council, Ohio Campus Compact and the Corporation for National and Community Service, LEC students actively engaged with other Ohio undergraduate students on many of the issues facing the state department today. Students also had the opportunity to participate in an internship fair.

Independent College Day at Ohio Statehouse:

A day-long program, sponsored by the Associate of Independent College & Universities of Ohio (AICUO), at the Statehouse in Columbus. Undergraduate students from Ohio’s private colleges and universities met with state policymakers to learn about the legislative process and higher education issues in the state. Students met with legislative aides and fellows from the Legislative Service Commission Fellowship Program to gain insight on legislative careers and the work they do at the Statehouse. The students also met with lobbyists to learn about their role in the legislative process. Later in the day students had Q&A sessions with Senator Peggy Lehner (R), chair of the Senate Education Committee, and Representative Mike Duffy (R), chair of the House Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education. Lehner and Duffy explained issues and bills of importance to their committees or the legislature mainly focusing on education. Finally, our LEC group visited the offices of the legislators who represent the Painesville area:  Representative John Rodgers (D) and Senator Kenny Yuko (D). We met with Sen. Yuko and Rep. Rodgers’ legislative aide (Rodgers was unavailable).