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Communication| Major

Learn to be flexible, open-minded, visionary and prepared to engage in the world.

Bachelor's of Art in Communication

This major includes courses both in writing processes and in the history and theory of different forms of communication. This double focus is based on the belief that the processes of oral and written communication must be grounded in substantive understanding of their theoretical and historical backgrounds.

About the Communication Program at LEC

Other communication programs will split up the majors into different categories. Lake Erie College's communication major is inclusive of the foundations of communication, com theory, social interaction, journalism and other areas of the communication industry.

The small class size means communication majors at LEC can develop strong network connections with the surrounding Cleveland area as well as explore various areas of communication. Every student comes out of the communication program with a portfolio of all their work, allowing them to go anywhere with their degree.

Network Connections

Cleveland is home to various television stations, radio stations and communication agencies. Lake Erie College faculty and advisors connect students to the workplace that most interests them. Examples of surrounding communication businesses include:

  • Avery Dennison

  • IdeaStream

  • Playhouse Square

  • Television Stations like WKYC, WEWS, and more.

Personalized Portfolio

Students are taught by active communication professionals who will guide them through all the areas of communication via hands-on assignments. These assignments can all go into the student's portfolio, so by the time they reach the end of their communication degree, they have a wide selection of work to show potential employers. Creating portfolios is a huge part of every graduating student's capstone, where they're meant to do a 15-page research paper as well as curate their portfolio for the line of work they want to go into.

What can you do with a communication degree?

Communication degrees are interdisciplinary areas of study that can be applied to various industries upon graduating. Not only can communication students work in broadcast, journalism and other communication-oriented jobs, but they can get placed within the private sector.

Some communication graduates can go on to apply to be internal communication specialists that help businesses navigate communicating with their employees and shareholders. Other communication graduates will go on to grad school to expand their knowledge and broaden what they can specialize in.

Dr. David L. MoodyIn order for learning to occur, students must recognize that the subject matter is essential

Teaching at Lake Erie College has given me an opportunity to present concepts and theories to students in such a way that they can incorporate the information into their own life experience.

Requirements for the Communication Major

Students hoping to major in Communication are required to take 36 semester credits including:

Communication Core (18 Credits)

  • CM 201 Introduction to Communication Theory (3 SH)

  • CM 205 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (3 SH)

  • CM 215 Interpersonal Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 241 Mass Media (3 SH)

  • CM 250 / 350 / 450 Internship in Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 400 Senior Seminar in Communication (3 SH)

Communication Group 1

Required minimum of 6 Semester Credits from Persuasion & Social Influence Curriculum

  • CM 240 Language in America (3 SH)

  • CM 304 Advanced Public Speaking (3 SH)

  • CM 311 Persuasion (3 SH)

  • CM 344 The Language of Politics and Propaganda (3 SH)

  • CM 170-79 / 270-79 / 370-70 Special Topics In Communication (1-3 SH)

Communication Group 2

Required minimum of 6 Semester Credits from Interpersonal & Organizational Communication Curriculum

  • CM 200 Introduction to Management (3 SH)

  • CM 202 Business Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 208 Intercultural Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 220 Small Group Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 303 Interviewing (3 SH)

Communication Group 3

Required minimum of six semester credits from Mass Communication Curriculum.

  • CM 204 Sports Communication (3 SH)

  • CM 300 Media and Diversity (3 SH)

  • CM 320 Principles of Public Relations (3 SH)

  • CM 342 Criticism of Film & Television (3 SH)

  • EN 310 Journalistic Essay (3 SH)

  • MK 301 Social and Digital Marketing (3 SH)

  • CM 170-70 / 270-79 / 370-79 Special Topics In Communication (1-3 SH)

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