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Italian Studies| Major

Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of the Italian language, culture, literature, visual & audiovisual arts.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

Focus on its manifestations in history, and its usage in the present cultural and social context. The language and culture courses in Italian Studies enable you to examine, reflect, and comment on the broad diversity of intellectual and artistic life in Italy and its impact on Western culture, from ancient to contemporary times.

The program also provides the necessary preparation for graduate studies. You will interact within multicultural and foreign societies and be prepared for the 21st Century professional 
environment in which diversity and global elements are frequent.

Past Events The Italian Culture Club

For an example of events provided by the Italian Culture Club, view this document.

Past Trips to Italy

Study Abroad

You may also choose an opportunity to have an educational and cultural experience abroad in Italy (or in Switzerland), or complete an internship in a specialized field of your choice (e.g. fine arts, culinary arts, design, fashion, history, international business, entrepreneurship, music, cinema, literature, environmental science).

Learn about the benefits of studying Italian

A video from the Embassy of Italy about why students love Italy.

Awards & Scholarships

Academic Year 2020-21 AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS

The LEC Italian Studies students Dora, Alexandra and Sean won scholarships (total of $2,000.00 and $1,000.00 per person) sponsored by the Italian Culture club “Il Cenacolo” of Cleveland a LEC Italian Studies partner. The best LEC students in Italian studies won a grant of $100 per person sponsored by the Italian American Culture Foundation; a LEC Italian Studies partner. Congratulations to our winners Victor, Grace, Cameron, Morgan, Hayden, Carissa, Kayla, Angelle, Gavin and Halle.

Academic Year 2019-20 AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS

Congratulations to LEC student, Alison, who won a $2,000 scholarship sponsored by the Italian Culture club “Il Cenacolo” of Cleveland. Congratulations to LEC students Alexandra, Blake, and Sean who won the Italian American Culture Foundation Literature Awards ($500, $300, $200).

Alexandra’s essay on “Out of Rushmore’s Shadow. The Luigi Del Bianco Story” will be published on the “Gazzetta Italiana” in June 2020.

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