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  2. LEC Chorus Invited to Participate in Workshop at Carnegie Hall

LEC Chorus Participates in Workshop at Carnegie Hall

The LEC Chorus was invited to participate in the Masterworks Choral Workshop in New York City from June 8–June 10, 2023. This is the first time that the Chorus attended Masterworks, after receiving an invitation at the behest of Tom Trenney, the accomplished guest conductor/composer in residence for the event. Outstanding choral groups representing college, church and community choirs came together for three days of rehearsal at Carnegie Hall which culminated in a live performance on June 10. Strangers became friends through the power of music as they worked together to create an unforgettable performance filled with musical artistry and visual projections. The concert program included a chamber orchestra of professional instrumentalists from NYC as well as a professional tenor soloist who sang with the chorus for one piece. LEC Chorus director Mary Crow commented, “It was very exciting to sing in such a wonderful hall. Singing on that stage with such talented instrumentalists, a wonderful soloist, and conducted by an amazing musician was a memorable experience.” Tom Trenney is originally from Perry, Ohio and a graduate of Perry High School, the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Eastman School of Music. He is renowned as a musician, composer, and teacher throughout the U.S. During his years in Perry junior high, he was a chorus student of LEC Chorus Director Mary Crow. The chorus members made time for a Broadway show (a musical, of course!) and visited the interactive and experiential Museum of Broadway that celebrates Broadway’s rich history. Chorus membership is open to LEC students and singers from throughout the greater community. For info, contact chorus director Mary Crow by August 1 at 440-983-0227 or mcrow@lec.edu.

Members of the LEC Chorus who traveled to NYC are: (left to right) • Lorna Johnston, community member • Clarice Varga, community member • Mary Crow, LEC Chorus Director • Kayla Clark, a 2023 graduate who sang in the Chorus for all 4 years while attending LEC