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Psychology| Major

The psychology major is designed to increase personal understanding of animal and human behavior and mental processes.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts

The psychology major is designed to increase personal understanding of animal and human behavior and mental health processes. The psychology major at Lake Erie College also provides basic preparation for entrance into graduate school or pursuit of a professional career in the field of psychology.

Students should realize careers in the field of psychology typically require further training; many of our students pursue graduate studies in this field. It is strongly recommended that all psychology majors participate in an internship (PS 250/350).

Internships introduce students to a variety of careers that require this training and provide valuable hands-on experience. Psychology students have worked with the Juvenile Court, shelters, psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation agencies. All eligible psychology majors are encouraged to participate in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology and in the Psychology Club.

Requirements for the Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology requires 42 semester credits, including:

  • PS 101 General Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 204 Statistics (4 SH)

  • PS 222 Psychology of Personality (3 SH)

  • PS 324 Physiological Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 325 Research Methods (4 SH)

  • PS 329 Abnormal Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 335 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 400 Psychology Research Seminar (4 SH)

Psychology Group 1

Students must also take 15 semester credits from the following:

  • PS 220 Child Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 232 Social Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 237 Human Sexuality (3 SH)

  • PS 305 Psychology of Learning (3 SH)

  • PS 322 Adulthood and Aging (3 SH)

  • PS 330 Juvenile Delinquency (3 SH)

  • PS 336 Cognitive Psychology (3 SH)

  • PS 345 Psychology and Law (3 SH)

  • PS 170-79 / 270-79 / 370-79 Special Topics in Psychology (2-4 SH)

  • PS 250/350 Internship in Psychology (2-5 SH)

  • PS 160/260/360 Individual Investigation in Psychology (2-4 SH)

* Substitutions for these requirements may be made only with the approval of a psychology faculty member. Requests must be accompanied by a written statement explaining the reason(s) for the substitution.

Optional Concentrations

Forensic Psychology Concentration

Forensic Psychology is the application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system. Classes include Criminal Law and Procedure, Landmark Cases in Mental Health and the Law, Constitutional Law, and Psychology and the Law.

Requirements for the Concentration

Students will have to meet the same requirements as the Psychology major plus 12 additional semester credits including:

  • CJ 220 Criminal Law and Procedure (3 SH)

  • CJ 311 Landmark Cases in Mental Health and the Law (3 SH)

  • CJ 324 Constitutional Law (3 SH)

  • PS 345 Psychology and Law (3 SH)

Psychobiology Concentration

Students are introduced to the biological and physiological processes of living organisms from a biological perspective as a supplement to understanding behavior and mental processes from a psychological perspective.

Requirements for the Concentration:

Students are required to meet all of the same requirements as the Psychology major plus 15 semester credits, including:

  • BI 101 Introductory Biology I (3 SH)

  • BI 101L Introductory Biology I Lab (1 SH)

  • BI 102 Introductory Biology II (3 SH)

  • BI 102L Introductory Biology II Lab (1 SH)

  • BI 238 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (3 SH)

  • BI 238L Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (1 SH)

Physiobiology Concentration Group 1. Students must pick 1 course from the following list:

  • BI 330 Evolutionary Biology (3 SH)

  • BI 333 Animal Behavior (3 SH)

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