School of Education and Professional Studies

Lake Erie College offers programs leading to licensure for early childhood education, adolescent/young adult and intervention specialist - mild to moderate.

Education programs at Lake Erie College are based on a conceptual framework which embodies professionalism, knowledge, collaboration, reflection and a commitment to diversity and the development of all students. Programs are performance based with a focus on field and clinical experiences that provide teacher candidates with opportunities that allow them to develop into professional practitioners.

The programs are designed around the following ten indicators of success: subject matter mastery; student learning; working with a diversity of learners; planning instruction; developing instructional strategies; creating learning environments; learning effective communication skills; assessing students' performance; developing as a professional and working with parents/family members; school colleagues and community members.

Teacher candidates are expected to display dispositional behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to helping children grow and develop a love for learning and an expansive curiosity.

Through a liberal arts foundation, teacher candidates acquire a broad based repertoire of knowledge, critical thinking skills and dispositions they need to help their students to become lifelong learners.

The State of Ohio has reciprocity with many other states. Although the specifics of teacher licensure vary from state to state, there is sufficient similarity so that Ohio licensure may satisfy even those states where there is no reciprocity agreement. Candidates are responsible for checking the licensure requirements of other states in which they wish to obtain licensure and for fulfilling the requirements within each state's guidelines.

Lake Erie College teacher candidates complete tests required for licensure in the upper quartile of the state with pass rates of 93-100%. To be recommended for licensure by Lake Erie College, students must pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators tests required by the State of Ohio before they begin their student teaching experience.

All educational programs are subject to review by the Ohio Department of Education and may require periodic adjustments.

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School of Education and Professional Studies



Programs offered by the School of Education are accredited by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and have earned National Accreditation through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).