School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics at Lake Erie College provides an excellent environment for student achievement in research and exploration of the environment in which we live. We offer programs in biology, chemistry and mathematics, with a number of areas of concentration that help students understand the physical and natural world.

Obtaining a degree at Lake Erie College ensures a liberal arts approach to learning that is integrated in a manner that further develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We are committed to providing students with a solid foundation in both the theoretical concepts and practical applications of math and science.

Many of mankind's most pressing issues are addressed by solutions grounded in biology, chemistry and mathematics. Events and issues prevalent in the world today challenge scientists, mathematicians and health professionals to address many interesting questions about our environment, dwindling natural resources, disease, malnutrition and technologies. School of Natural Science and Mathematics graduates will be well prepared to meet these challenges and provide solutions that will enhance our environment and impact the quality of life for all.

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Biology - Environmental Science Concentration
  • Biology - General Biology Concentration
  • Biology - Pre-Medicine Concentration
  • Biology - Pre-Nursing Concentration
  • Biology - Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration
  • Biology - Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration
  • Biology - Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry - 3-Year Accelerated Option
  • Environmental Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physcian Assistant Program early acceptance opportunity
  • Physcian Assistant Program

School of Natural Sciences Handbook for Majors