Dorothy (Dot) Collins

Assistant Professor of Sport Management


(currently completing) Ph.D., Sport Management, University of South Carolina

M.S.Ed., Sport Management, 2014, Old Dominion University

B.A., English Literature, 1996, Southwest Minnesota State University

B.A., Comparative Religious Studies, 1995, Lawrence University

With a special affinity for youth sport, Dot has studied, taught and worked in numerous aspects of the sport industry for over 20 years. Complementing her strong advocacy for liberal arts education, her research agenda centers around the power of sport and social identity and the way in which sport is uniquely poised to allow people to create new communities of their own choosing.


Collins, D.R., Here, B., Shapiro, S., Ridinger, L., Wear, H. (2016). "The displaced fan: the importance of new media and community identification for maintaining team identity with your hometown team". European Sport Management Quarterly, 16(5).