1. Honors Program
  2. Integrative Thinking Seminar ("Vistas")

Integrative Thinking Seminar ("Vistas")| Course

  • Required 1-credit pass/fail Honors seminar focused on integrative thinking.

  • Offered every Fall term, beginning FA 2021.

  • Honors students will be encouraged to take the seminar in their second year.

Students in the Vistas Seminar will practice taking multiple perspectives, explore potential pathways for research (broadly conceived), and discover points of interconnection across multiple fields of study.  A single, broad interdisciplinary theme will be taken as the semester-long subject, to be determined in advance by Honors Committee in conjunction with interested faculty. The seminar will be conducted on rotation by three faculty members representing distinct fields of study. Readings and reflection papers may be assigned to students in advance of seminar-style discussions.