1. Physician Assistant Program
  2. PAM 531 Pharmacology II

PAM 531 Pharmacology II| Course

Prerequisite: PAM 530

The course is designed to provide information regarding the pharmacology of commonly used therapeutic options coupled with clinical information in a practical and systemic way so that the most appropriate drug therapy may be selected for a particular patient. The major focus includes general therapeutic principles (E.g. pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics) and a review of recommended drug therapy for common medical disorders.

Students will be instructed to develop a systematic approach to prescribing which will include identification of disease state, reviewing available therapeutic options for the state including the most current evidence-based medicine, and developing individualized therapeutic treatment plans. Students will also be instructed on contraindications, adverse reactions, safety, efficacy, therapeutic monitoring, and toxicity. Pharmacology lectures will be coordinated with the content delivered in the Clinical Medicine series so students can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the pathophysiology of conditions as they relate to therapeutic options.