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  2. Applied Skills Minor

Applied Skills Minor| Minor

The Applied Skills minor will provide students a unique opportunity to enhance the traditional liberal arts experience with hands-on, experiential learning in courses related to technical skills. In addition to hands-on learning, students in majors like management would have an opportunity to learn the skills that are utilized in regional trade industries to develop a better understanding of companies in which they will be seeking employment upon graduation.

Requirements for the Minor

Students are required to take a total of 12 semester credits including:

  • AS 101 Electrical Theory (2 SH)

  • AS 101L Electrical Theory Lab (1 SH)

  • AS 102 Heating Theory and Gas Furnaces (2 SH)

  • AS 102L Heating and Gas Furnaces Lab (1 SH)

  • AS 201 Boilers (2 SH)

  • AS 201L Boilers Lab (1 SH)

  • AS 202 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (2 SH)

  • AS 202L Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Lab (1 SH)

Applied Skills Minor Group 1

Students must choose 6 semester credits from the following:

  • AS 110 Principles of Welding and Welding Safety (3 SH)

  • AS 210 Gas Metal Arc Welding (2 SH)

  • AS 210L Gas Metal Arc Welding Lab (1 SH)

  • AS 211 Flux Core Arc Welding (2 SH)

  • AS 211L Flux Core Arc Welding Lab (1 SH)