1. Undergraduate Minors
  2. Art Minor

Art Minor| Minor

The Art Minor at Lake Erie College consists of 15-16 semester credits and gives a coherent understanding of the art discipline. This minor requires you take the following courses:

  • AT 102 Design (3 Credit Hours)

    • A foundation course providing a working understanding of basic two-dimensional design principles in black and white and color, with emphasis on formal elements and principles of art.

  • AT 103 Dimensional Design (3 Credit Hours)

    • The class provides students with an understanding of three-dimensional design principles. Learn elements and principles of three-dimensional art, as well as techniques and materials used to create three-dimensional processes.

  • AT 240 Art History I (3 Credit Hours)

    • This art history class teaches Western, Ancient and Romanesque art history alongside the history of non-western civilizations.

  • AT 241 Art History II (3 Credit Hours)

    • This history class combines the study of Western, Gothic, and Early Renaissance art history, alongside the history of art in non-western civilizations.

In addition, students wishing to pursue an Art Minor should take 3 or 4 semester credits from the following list of courses:

  • AT 110 Drawing I (3 Semester Hours)

    • This course teaches and strengthens the many skills needed to make drawings, such as observational, comparison, hand, conceptual and creative skills.

  • AT 114 Sculpture I (3 Semester Hours)

    • This course teaches the fundamental, basic concepts and techniques used to create sculpture art.

  • AT 202 Painting I (4 Semester Hours)

    • Painting I teaches the basic techniques, including stretching and priming canvas, work with paints and media, and color. Students will also work to improve their drawing, compositional, and conceptual skills.

  • AT 205 Ceramics I (4 Semester Hours)

    • This course is the study of the basic techniques that go into creating ceramic art, including hand building techniques, the potter's wheel, glazing and decoration.

  • AT 206 Photography I (3 Semester Hours)

    • In this course, students will study black and white photography, including the use of a 35mm camera. Students will study darkroom techniques and compositional skills.