1. Undergraduate Minors
  2. Business Administration Minor

Business Administration Minor| Minor

The Business Administration Minor gives students a coherent understanding of the field. Can be combined with a wide variety of undergraduate majors to widen horizons and career prospects.

This minor requires students take 18 semester credits including the following classes:

  • AC 101 Accounting Principles I (3 Semester Hours)

    • Introduces the language of business and the fundamentals in relation to financial accounting. Students will learn topics such as the accounting cycle, preparation of financial statements and analysis of current, long-term and intangible assets and long-term liabilities.

  • EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Semester Hours)

    • Students will be introduced to the field of macroeconomics. Class focuses on the overall economy and the aggregate behavior of households, firms and government. Students will learn topics like national income accounting, economic growth, business cycles, unemployment inflation, monetary and fiscal policy and international trade.

  • EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Semester Hours)

    • Students will be introduced to the field of microeconomics. Class focuses on individual decision-making and how it affects people. The course topics focus on microeconomic issues and problems such as scarcity, opportunity cost, consumption, production, market structures and profit maximization.

  • FN 320 Corporation Finance (3 Semester Hours)

    • Course goes over the principles and practices of business finance, including topics like valuation under uncertainty, capital budgeting techniques, dividend policy, cost of capital and capital structure. Students also get an introduction to derivative securities and currency management techniques.

  • MK 203 Marketing Principles (3 Semester Hours)

    • Students will be introduced to marketing theories, principles and practices. Course emphasizes the role of marketing in the organization while covering topics like marketing segmentation, market targeting, product positioning, and the marketing mix.

  • MN 200 Introduction to Management (3 Semester Hours)

    • This course introduces students to life inside an organization. Students will learn organizational definitions, culture and relationships between government and society. The focus of the course is on developing successful communication strategies within an organization, using verbal written and team communication strategies.