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Coaching| Minor

Lake Erie College offers a Coaching Minor that teaches students the fundamentals of sport instruction, leadership, and the organizational management skills required for coaching positions.

Coaching positions students can learn about include youth, primary, secondary and intercollegiate levels. This minor has an interdisciplinary approach, using skills and knowledge obtained from the field of education, psychology, and kinesiology.

Students will get a hands-on sport coaching experience, along with First Aid and CPR certification.

Requirements from the Minor

Students will be required to take 17 semester credits, including:

  • PE 110: First Aid and CPR Certification (2 Semester Hours)

    Students will earn a certification in providing First Aid and CPR.

  • SA 221: Sport Psychology (3 Semester Hours)

    Offered in the spring semester. Students will get an introduction to the application of psychology principles to sport settings. Course goes over topics like motivation, leadership, anxiety management, teamwork, visualization, personality issues in sport and performance management.

  • SA 321: Sports in Education (3 Semester Hours)

    Students will use a sociological point of view to get an in-depth analysis of challenges and impacts of sport on education in the United States. Students will be asked to critically examine current trends and form ideas and viable solutions. The course primarily focuses on youth sport, the sport myth, high school sport, and collegiate sport.

  • WL 201: Care and Prevention of Injuries (3 Semester Hours)

    Course will introduce students to injuries associated with athletics. Students will learn techniques to prevent, manage, and treat athletic injuries. Course also goes over the anatomy of the lower extremity, injury evaluation, and rehabilitation. There are also training room activities related to rehabilitation taping, injury prevention, and injury management.

  • WL 301: Principles of Coaching (3 Semester Hours)

    This course is a comprehensive study of the methods of effective coaching. This class focuses on topics like the philosophy of coaching, sport psychology, sport first aid, exercise physiology, athletic management, and sport-specific training of tactics and techniques - all with high school coaching in mind.

  • WL 490: Coaching Practicum (3 Semester Hours)

    Students will get the opportunity to work in a coaching environment at the youth, intermediate, high school, college or professional level.