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  2. Entrepreneurship Studies Minor

Entrepreneurship Studies Minor| Minor

Students from any major can use this the Entrepreneurship Minor to develop the skills and experiences that will facilitate the student's efforts in transforming ideas into enterprises that create value. This comprehensive minor will provide the students with experiences to aid in planning, risk-taking, market analysis, problem-solving and creativity.

Requirements for the Entrepreneurship Minor

Students interested in taking this minor must take 15 semester credit hours, including the following courses:

  • ET 201 Fundamentals of the Enterprise (3 Semester Hours)

  • ET 211 New Venture Planning and Development (3 Semester Hours)

  • ET 221 Techniques of Persuading, Selling, and Negotiating (3 Semester Hours)

Students are also required to take 6 semester credits from the Entrepreneurship Minor Group 1 list of courses:

  • CM 304 Advanced Public Speaking (3 Semester Hours)

  • FN 315 Accounting and Finance for Not-For-Profit Organizations (3 Semester Hours)

  • MK 203 Marketing Principles (3 Semester Hours)

  • MN 200 Introduction to Management (3 Semester Hours)