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Equine Studies Minor| Minor

The Equine Studies Minor is intended for students from various background that want to supplement their academic major with equine studies. Combined with majors such as business, biology, communication, education and pre-medicine can give students the scientific and technical knowledge to pursue a career with horses in the future.

This minor exposes students to many facets of the equine industry. Graduates work for breed associations, feed companies, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. Essential skills and proficiency testing will be assessed periodically for students.

Students must also meet standards established for physical abilities in order to participate in any experiential activities involving horses. This includes riding horses and barn activities. Equine welfare standards and best practices mandate that horses will not be expected to carry a rider and tack exceeding 20% of the horse's body weight. Riders over 240 pounds are ineligible to ride. More information can be found in the Equine Studies Student and Rider Eligibility Standards policy.

Required Courses for the Minor

Students pursuing the Equine Studies minor are required to take 17-18 semester credits, including the following classes:

  • EQ 109 Introduction to the Equine Industry (3 Semester Hours)

  • EQ 110 Horse Care Practicum (4 Semester Hours)

Students must also choose nine additional semester credits in the EQ Studies Field EQ Minor Group 1, and take 1 course of the following:

  • EQ 115 Assisting with Therapeutic Riding (2 Semester Hours)

  • Equine Studies Riding, EQR Course (1 Semester Hour)