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Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Minor| Minor

Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary approach to examining the cultural and historical role of women, gender and sexuality in society. This course has an emphasis on critical thinking and writing.

Students will explore the meaning and importance of gender construction and reproduction within structures of inequity and power. Students will also think about these issues alongside issues of intersectionality, including how categories of identity (sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, nationality, religion, etc...) interact with gender.

Required Courses For This Minor

The Gender Studies minor at Lake Erie College requires students to take 15 semester credits from the following:

  • CM 300 Media and Diversity (3 Semester Hours)

  • CM 305 Gender and Communication (3 Semester Hours)

  • EN 348 Women's Literature (3 Semester Hours)

  • HI 305 The History of Women (3 Semester Hours)

  • PS 237 Human Sexuality (3 Semester Hours)

  • SA 301 Gender & Sexuality in Sport (3 Semester Hours)

  • SO 348 Gender Roles (3 Semester Hours)

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