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  2. Geospatial Technology Minor

Geospatial Technology Minor| Minor

The Geospatial Technology Minor will give students basic proficiency with the various processes and equipment that captures, stores, manipulates, analyzes, manages, and presents spatial/geographic data using geographic information systems (GIS).

Students of any major can take this degree to develop a secondary set of skills to expand their career prospects.

Requirements for the Geospatial Technology Minor

Students wishing to pursue the Geospatial Technology Minor must take 18 semester credit hours, including the following:

  • One of the Following Two Courses

    GE 101 Introduction to Geography (3 Semester Hours) OR GE 200 World Geography (3 Semester Hours)

  • GT 101 Introduction to Cartography & GIS (2 Semester Hours)*

    • *Students should take this course along with the lab, GT 101L Introduction to Cartography & GIS (1 Semester Hours)

  • GT 120 Introduction to Spatial Analysis (2 Semester Hours)*

    • *Students should take this course along with the lab, GT 120L Introduction to Spatial Analysis Lab (1 Semester Hour)

Students must take three courses from the Geospatial Minor Group 1 offering. Courses must equal 9 semester credit hours:

  • GT 210 Remote Sensing (2 Semester Hours)*

  • GT 220 Spatial Analysis & Modeling (2 Semester Hours)*

  • GT 230 Data Acquisition & Management (2 Semester Hours)*

  • GT 240 Environment Applications (2 Semester Hours)*

* Students should take these courses along with their accompanying 1 semester hour labs.