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Italian| Minor

The Italian Minor at Lake Erie College gives students a basic understanding of the Italian Language, including how it's used culturally and how it can be applied to careers.

Requirements for Italian Minor

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Italian must complete 16 semester credits, including:

  • IT 102 Beginning Italian II (3 Semester Hours)*

    This class is a study of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. This class develops speaking, writing, reading, listening and comprehension skills as well as cultural elements.

  • IT 201 Intermediate Italian (3 Semester Hours)

    This course builds off IT 102 to continue the student's development of written and spoken language. Communication skills are built through an interactive classroom atmosphere based on the discussion of videos and readings.

  • IT 211 Introduction to Italian Culture and Civilization (3 Semester Hours)

    Course is a survey of major literary, intellectual, artistic movements and cultural traditions in Italy throughout time, with an emphasis on learning to navigate intercultural differences through an understanding of Italian art, music, literature, film and major personalities in Italian history.

  • IT 220 Italian Conversation

    This course continues to build oral and written communication skills. Conversational exercises such as roleplaying are emphasized, as well as continued interactive work with videos, film and readings.

  • At least One 300-Level or Higher IT Course

* Students must take the accompanying Language Lab with this course.