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  2. Marketing

Marketing| Minor

The Marketing Minor teaches students the fundamentals of promotion in the digital age, as well as how advertising and promotional communications work in a business. Any student can add this onto their undergraduate degree.

Requirements for the Marketing Minor

Students are required to take 15 semester credit hours, including:

  • MK 203 Marketing Principles (3 Semester Hours)

    Course serves as an introduction to marketing theories, principles and practices. Emphasis is on the role of marketing in the organization. Major topics include market segmentation, market targeting, product positioning and the marketing mix.

  • MK 317 Marketing Management (3 Semester Hours)

    An application of basic marketing theories and principles, this course focuses on the decision-making aspects of marketing management. Course provides an emphasis on the critical analysis and solution of marketing problems. Students analyze marketing cases and develop a marketing plan for a product or organization.

  • MK 334 Consumer Behavior (3 Semester Hours)

    This course is an introduction to the theoretical foundations, models and research advances in consumer behavior. Both consumer and organizational behavior are covered. Psychological, sociological, anthropological and economic foundations of consumer behavior are investigated.

  • MK 394 Advertising and Public Relations (3 Semester Hours)

    This course will give an examination of the four elements of the promotion mix: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and publicity. Strategy formulation is emphasized with attention given to the relationship of promotion to the overall marketing strategy of an organization.

  • MN 200 Introduction to Management (3 Semester Hours)

    This course introduces students to life in an organization. Organizational definitions, culture and relationships between government and society are covered. The focus of the course is on developing successful communication strategies within organizations. Verbal, written and team communications are stressed.

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