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Theatre | Minor

Students taking the Theatre Minor will learn about theater's rich history as well as the technical skills that make it great. This is a great minor to pair with any students who want to pursue a career in the entertainment or theater industry at any point.

Requirements for the Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor requires students to take 15 semester credits, including:

  • TH 104 Introduction to Theater (3 Semester Hours)

    Students will gain an overview of theatre in theory and practice, including an introduction to dramatic forms, performance and technical theatre. Students will be involved in several short studio productions as part of the course.

  • TH 106 Acting I (3 Semester Hours)

    This is a studio course in basic acting skills. This prepares the student for eventual work on dramatic scenes and plays. The course introduces the student to the major principles of Konstantin Stanislavski's work on acting technique, utilizing exercises in physical action, given circumstances, imagination, attention, communion, sense of truth, scene analysis, tempo-rhythm and emotion memory.

  • TH 107 Introduction to Technical Theatre (3 Semester Hours)

    Course examines working in the theatre space by introducing students to tools, stage equipment, use of hardware, knowledge of materials, lighting, safety and current technology as it applies to creating a theatrical production.

  • TH 201 History of the Theatre (3 Semester Hours)

    This course examines theater practices from the Greeks through the Renaissance, through exploration of scripts, physical structures, conventions and biographies. The relationship between theater and the society of the time is discussed.

Students will also take 3 semester credits from any TH-designated courses 200-level or above.

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