1. Undergraduate Minors
  2. Visual Communication & Graphic Design

Visual Communication & Graphic Design | Minor

This is a concentrated study sampling the overall Visual Communication & Graphic Design Major. With this minor, students can add graphic design to their skillset to help them in any career.

Minor will expose students to the design process, typography, image-making and critical, strategic thinking skills while building their design portfolio.

Requirements for Visual Communication & Graphic Design Minor

Students must take a minimum of 15 semester credits, including the following courses:

  • GD 110 Fundamentals of Graphic Design (3 Semester Hours)

    Students will learn about the tools in order to get through the BFA program. They will learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign over the course of the semester. They will also learn the principles of graphic design and how to implement layout through the executions of these programs. This course is good for Non-Majors also, as it will explore what graphic design is and give students a greater understanding of what can be done.

  • GD 201 Typography (3 Semester Hours)

    This course goes over the development, terminology, letterform, classification, selection and specification of typefaces. Emphasis on aesthetic and communicative aspects of typography. This course is an introduction to techniques used to indicate type and images.

  • GD 210 Graphic Design I (3 Semester Hours)

    Introduction to Graphic Design and layout. Students will begin to design and layout a variety of collateral material and understand the importance of critiquing.

  • GD 320 Brand Identity (3 Semester Hours)

    Comprehensive corporate graphics emphasizing design process in creating corporate and brand identity. Visual and non-visual aspects of corporate graphics and brand applications will be explored. Emphasis will be placed logo design and brand application design in order to create a cohesive corporate brand identity.

  • GD 412 Advertising & Design (3 Semester Hours)

    Survey of fundamentals of advertising and design for print and other media with overview of industry's past and present. Course will examine design process and appropriate types and uses of research. Examination and evaluation of layouts and delivery modes, evolution of presentations from thumbnails to storyboards, and critical analysis of designer/client relations. Additional topics reinforce materials usage, technical and hand skill development, and application of presentation techniques to real-world problem-solving applications. Students will learn to design an entire advertising campaign and present a creative brief based on research findings.